The Anthology
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Brooks Garth

The Anthology


The First Five Years

5 Cd

240 Page Hardcover Book


  Year One | 1989
1-1 Not Counting You (Master)  
1-2 I've Got A Good Thing Going (Master)  
1-3 If Tomorrow Never Comes (Day-Write)  
1-4 If Tomorrow Never Comes (Master)  
1-5 Everytime That It Rains (Master)  
1-6 Alabama Clay (Master)  
1-7 Much To Young (To Feel This Damn Old) (First Take)  
1-8 Much To Young (To Feel This Damn Old) (Master)  
1-9 Cowboy Bill (Master)  
1-10 The Dance (Tony Arata Day-Write)  
1-11 The Dance (Master)  
  Year Two | 1990
2-1 The Thunder Rolls (Day-Write)  
2-2 The Thunder Rolls (Master)  
2-3 Two Of A Kind, Workin' On A Full House (Master)  
2-4 Victim Of The Game (Master)  
2-5 Unanswered Prayers (Day-Write)  
2-6 Unanswered Prayers (Master)  
2-7 Same Old Story (Tony Arata Day-Write)  
2-8 Same Old Story (Master)  
2-9 Which One Of Them (Demo)  
2-10 Which One Of Them (Master)  
  Year Three | 1991
3-1 Against The Wind (Master)  
3-2 Miss Rodeo (Joanne Stephen Demo)  
3-3 Rodeo (Master)  
3-4 What She's Doing Now (Day-Write)  
3-5 What She's Doing Now (Master)  
3-6 Burning Bridges (Master)  
3-7 Shameless (Master)  
3-8 We Bury The Hatchet (Master)  
3-9 In Lonesome Dove (Master)  
3-10 The River (Demo)  
3-11 The River (Master)  
  Year Four | 1992
4-1 Sometimes You Need The Rain (Demo)  
4-2 Somewhere Other Than The Night (Master)  
4-3 Mr. Right (Demo)  
4-4 Mr. Right (Master)  
4-5 Dixie Chicken (Master)  
4-6 That Summer (First Take)  
4-7 That Summer (Master)  
4-8 Night Rider's Lament (Master)  
4-9 Face To Face (Tony Arata Day-Write)  
4-10 Face To Face (Master)  
  Year Five | 1993
5-1 Standing Outside The Fire (Master)  
5-2 One Night A Day (Master)  
5-3 Kickin' And Screamin' (Tony Arata Day-Write)  
5-4 Kickin' And Screamin' (Master)  
5-5 The Red Strokes (Master)  
5-6 Leon (Demo)  
5-7 Tomorrow And Today (Demo)  
5-8 I Guess You Had To Be There (Trisha Yearwood Demo)  
5-9 Like We Never Had A Broken Heart (Day-Write)  
5-10 The Cowboy Song (Master)
Brooks Garth

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