There's much to tell about Michel, so it's best to ask him yourself ;) 

He started in a small record store called 'de dansende koe' (the dancing cow) 

and grew up to the legendary manager of the "Rots". 
After countless journeys he finally found a place that had the same special vibe as 'de rots' again ...


Luc is filled to the brim with wisdom and sometimes that wisdom takes the best of him
but it's never in bad spirit ;) 

He has survived Michel for more then two years, so he probably likes the place.


Nervous Dirk is back from a much needed break! But he's still the nervous but always in for a good joke same kind of Guy! ;) 

He's been a friend of the business for many years and really wants to create a nice place for every rocker and Metalhead in town and the parkings around ;)